Beginner Surfboards Package

Irish Beginner Surfboards - Overall Shape and Design

  • Progressively shaped beginner surfboards in the Mini Mal / Funboard size range
  • Non-moulded professional fibreglass construction
  • Embedded guide to optimise weight positioning
  • Available in 7'2'', 7'6'' and 7'10'' sizes
  • Limited Offer (€369) - Heavy duty surfboard bag,  leash, wax and delivery included 

Unlike epoxy beginner surfboards, First Surfboards are constructed using the same polyurethane core, fibreglass cloth and polyester resin set up used by professional surfers. This set up provides a smooth ride, gives flex to the surfboard and performs well in choppy or windy conditions. This makes First Surfboards ideal for beginner surfers to familiarise themselves with the feel of a fibreglass board before they progress to a shortboard or longboard. The beginner surfboard package includes a base coat of wax, fins, a leash and a heavy duty padded bag to protect the board from the 'dings' that can happen during transport. The package also comes with a concise beginners guide outlining all the fundamentals needed to start learning to surf, such as waxing your surfboard, reading surf forecasts, surf etiquette in the water and catching your first waves. This is a limited offer that also includes free delivery of the surfboards in Ireland.

Beginners Board Bag on sale with custom logo

Weight positioning is one of the most critical things for beginners to perfect in order to catch waves. It is very important to have weight positioned correctly when paddling so that the surfboard planes on the water instead of dragging. Without this being the case, beginner surfers will either nose-dive the surfboard or fall off the back of the wave. Becoming familiar with how to position yourself correctly on a surfboard can be difficult considering that there is no adequate reference point on traditional surfboards. First Surfboards' embedded weight positioning guide is the first of its kind on a surfboard and makes it much easier for surfers to ‘dial in’ their weight positioning to make waves easier to catch, thereby allowing beginner surfers to concentrate on improving other aspects of their surfing.