Surfboard Build Quality

Surfboard construction Ireland

(1) Additional layer of reinforcement around fin boxes

(2) Two Layers of six ounce fibreglass on deck

(3) Professional grade Polyurethane core

(4) 4.5mm triple laminate wood stringer

(5) G5 fin-setup


Every characteristic of a First Surfboard is on or above industry standards for professional polyurethane core surfboards. Each beginner surfboard has a strong polyurethane core encased with two layers of six ounce fibreglass on the deck and one layer of six ounce fibreglass on the bottom. The fibreglass is sealed to the deck using high quality polyester resin. The reinforcements around the fin boxes prevents the risk of fins being ripped out or damaging the surfboard under pressure. The triple laminate 4.5mm wood stringer provides rigidity and strength along the length of the surf board.