Surfboard Size Guide

Surfboard Size chart

Find your weight range (in pounds) on the left side of the graph and then trace along that line until you reach your confidence level. The colour of the square that you reach represents the size of board that is most suitable.


Black = 7'2'' surfboard


Grey = 7'6'' Surfboard


White = 7'10'' Surfboard


Choosing a surfboard size is where people often fall down when selecting a beginner surfboard. It is important to choose a surfboard that is suitable for your weight, the frequency you intend to surf and your previous experience in the water. In general, a mini mal /funboard between seven and eight feet in length is a great all round surfboard size for beginners. Key points to consider are that a larger surfboard will provide more buoyancy, stability and better planing on the water but will be harder to paddle through incoming waves because of the extra weight. Smaller surfboards on the other hand will provide less buoyancy and stability but be easier to get through incoming waves and 'out the back'. The larger the surfboard, the more drawn out turns will be and the shorter the board the tighter the turns it will be capable of. When estimating your confidence level, take into account your previous experience and how often you plan on surfing. As a guide - a person with a confidence level of 1 would have little to no previous experience and intend on surfing less than once a fortnight, whereas a person with a confidence level of 6 would have no problem standing on the surfboard and intend on surfing once a week or greater. Surfers over 220 lbs in weight should consider starting on a longboard which will have more buoyancy for their weight and surfers under 120lbs should consider starting on a smaller board that will be light enough for them to develop speed on when paddling.